Life at Mary Jays by Rhys Jones

Hi, I'm Rhys and today I came to spend the day at work with my Mom (Mary) and aunty Jacqui in Mary Jays.

The shop was quite to start off with but not for long. Just as Jacqui decided we would fly to the shop for some goodies, 4 people came in and as we went into the car we seen more pull into the car park. We really should have stayed with Mom but we really wanted chocolate and I promised my Mom a surprise.

When we got back with chocolate, coke and smarties for Mom (her favorite) Mom was really busy so we helped her out. I think she was really happy to see us back. I watched some youtube on my phone until things had got quieter.

I had a good look around and had to have words with my Mom as some of the prices are just way too low if you ask me.

I did some till training and was shown how to use the calculator on the till and how to print off reports.

Then I was shown how to see when people are on the website and how to chat with Mary Jays live on the website. It was great fun and now I know how to chat with my Mom everyday she is at work. She can't ever get a break from me now.

So I was asked about my day and how I got on, we decided I should write a blog and this is how this story started. I had a really good day and seen just how busy my moms shop gets. I didn't know how hard she worked. From looking at Facebook I thought my Mom and Jacqui just laughed and were silly every day. (have you seen their blind mans buff video) 

Thanks for reading.

Rhys Jones 8 years old. 





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  • Well done Rhys, keep up the good work :)

    Tara McCarthy

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